Greetings! My name is Jan Gabriel Pretorius. I’m a Christ-follower, a dedicated family man, a team player, and a systems designer

I love learning new things at home and in the workplace. As a professional, I specialize in designing and implementing high-reliability network, software & hardware applications in the Operational Technology (OT) domain.

I’ve worked in the deep mining and FinTech sectors and I am currently designing, implementing, and maintaining OT systems in the aviation sector.

As part of my creative expression endeavor, I write about these topics here. Writing is challenging but extremely rewarding as it helps me structure my thoughts clearly and concisely.

I aim to ask the why and how questions to deconstruct technical concepts. There is always a story behind why technology has been built the way it is, and writing about it is my compass to navigate this vast technology landscape we have today.

In my posts, I explore my curiosity regarding diverse programming languages, software architectures, systems design, systems architectures, and non-fictional books.

You can also find me online at Medium.com, StackOverflow, GitHub, Twitter/X, and LinkedIn.